Spanish Legal - How did it start and when did it start.

September 2000 the company was registered as Priority Marine Divers International as our first thoughts were to create an investigation company specifically for Marine fraud, but unfortunately after months of trying our best this company did not take off in the marine sector and funds were getting very low.

But we did not despair, it is not in our blood to give up, we just had to change our way of thinking and operating and so we decided to take advice from one of my mentors and a good friend, who knows the business inside out, you name it, he´s has the T-Shirt. His office is located in Belfast so if you are a professional you may just know who I am talking about yes its Ian withers. We also received assistance from the Spanish Private Investigators Association; a special thank you to Javier Iglesias (then President of the ADPPE) and so now we had to a lot of home work to do and adjust to supply and demand.

After many International congresses that were attended, Rick Howatson was appointed the Central European representative for the World Association of Professional Investigators in 2001, and today 14 years later is still the WAPI European Representative, this was just the beginning of the new and exciting life of a private investigator in sunny Spain.

Over the years Spain Process Services and Legal Consultants have become members of the Association of British Investigator, Association of Private detectives in Spain, National Association Of Legal Investigators USA and many more like, ABI, CALI, IWWA, BAG, and the UK PIN.

Rick Howatson an Englishman that was an ex-army diving instructor stationed in Germany, after demob he returned to the UK and joined the police but things did not work out and so he returned to study in a German College and University for 5 years.

After finishing his medical degrees Rick worked in an operation theatre as a free lance anaesthesiologist but after several years changed his profession and lived his dream as professional diving instructor mainly in the Indian Ocean, Caribbean, South China Sea, Red sea and the Mediterranean for 15 years

Rick returned to Europe and then in the year 2000 Rick settled in Spain

Rick is also an established author and has published several books that can be seen on Amazon.

Over the past 16 years Spain Process Service and Legal Consultants services have many notable successes. One case to trace for a Elderly American lady that worked with a Spanish/French lady in Madrid. And after returning to New York she lost contact of her dear friend. Now over 42 years later she really wanted to meet her friend again before she died, my client was 88 years old, and telephoned every night at four o’clock in the morning Spanish time for two weeks to see how we were getting on” a long story cut short, “the ladies wish was granted” we did find the lady” and they were reunited in the Holiday Inn – Madrid after 3 months of intensive enquiries. 

The Lady from New York our client said that she had been searching for this lady for the past 30 years using 4 different Private detective agency’s but had no success in locating her long lost friend and after all these 42 years her dream had finally come true thanks to Spain Process Services and Legal Consultants who were present in Madrid for the reunion and as they say in England a great time was had by one and all.

Another success story was that of two Irish boys from Dublin that had been illegally taken from their home and had not been seen in 4 years were found in Benidorm in Spain and returned to the parents in Dublin.

Process serving: has become a large part of the business and we serve legal documents from all over the World in Spain. Process serving in Spain is a whole different story than in other parts of the World like the UK. Spain is still a very good place for people to hide themselves often the streets have no name the houses or apartments can have 3 different number or no numbers at all. And even some of the towns and villages are not named and our GPS gives up on us so a lot of leg work is involved. We always give a photographic evidence report with our certificate of service or affidavit as the case maybe with the subject being served this has often solved a problem in Court where the subject denies receiving the documents. If for any reason the subject is not at the address supplied or what we have established the discreet local enquiries will be establish as to where the subject maybe. Often we are given holiday home addresses or that the subject found out that the Courts were after them and so they moved to another address in Spain but we are proud to have a 96% rate of success.

We will be happy to assist anybody who requires our services and we will be happy to give a free quotation and time frame on request. All enquiries should be made by email and will be answered by email.