Process serving has become a large part of the business and we serve legal documents from all over the World in Spain. Process serving in Spain is a whole different story than in other parts of the World like the UK. Spain is still a very good place for people to hide themselves often the streets have no name the houses or apartments can have 3 different number or no numbers at all. And even some of the towns and villages are not named and our GPS gives up on us so a lot of leg work is involved. We always give a photographic evidence report with our certificate of service or affidavit as the case maybe with the subject being served or location this has often solved a problem in Court where the subject denies receiving the documents. If for any reason the subject is not at the address supplied then discreet local enquiries are carried out to establish as to where the subject maybe. Often we are given holiday home addresses or that the subject found out that the Courts were after them and so they moved to another address in Spain but we are proud to have a 96% rate of success.

With reliable Associates all over the World we will be happy to be of assistance to private clients’ and corporate clients. 

We will be happy to assist anybody who requires our services and we will be happy to give a free quotation and time frame on request. All enquiries should be made by email and will be answered by email.