Confidence tricksters and fraudulent insurance claims:

Often after a successful 'con' in the UK or in other Countries, the perpetrators think they can hide away in the ex-patriot communities in Spain and enjoy the benefits of their crimes. Today it’s not so easy to hide, but the perpetrators still think they will not be found and will get away with the crime they have committed.

Spain Legal have a success rate of 95% of locating these criminals and in many cases the assets that have been the result of fraudulent insurance claims or other crimes.

Whether you are a large Corporate company or an individual you may find yourself the victim of such crimes. We at SPAIN LEGAL have investigated all levels of Fraud cases, both in the UK and overseas. We can also advise you on actions that can be taken, to help protect your interests and assets and to consequently avoid adverse publicity. For advice in the strictest confidence please
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