Over the past 16 years Spain Legal Process services have many notable successes. One case to trace for an 84 year old American lady from New York that had worked with a Spanish/French lady in Madrid. And after returning to New York she lost contact of her dear friend. Now over 42 years later she really wanted to meet her friend again before she died, my client was 84 years old, and telephoned every night at four o’clock in the morning Spanish time for two weeks to see how we were getting on ”a long story cut short we did find the lady” and they were reunited in the Holiday Inn - Madrid. 

The Lady from New York our client said that she had been searching for this lady for the past 30 years using 4 different Private detective agency’s but had no success in locating her long lost friend and after all these 42 years her dream had finally come true thanks to Spain Process Services and Legal Consultants who were present in Madrid for the reunion and as they say in England a great time was had by one and all.

Two little boys abducted from Dublin 4 years ago were found to be in Benidorm and returned to the parent in Ireland.

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